Good, Inexpensive, Flurocarbon Tippet that works


So its no secret that this page is inspired by The com­bi­na­tion of fly fish­ing and phi­los­o­phy just strikes the right chords with me. To that end, the is site is not only philo­soph­i­cal, but practical.

One of the most use­ful and mon­ey-sav­ing recomme­da­tions was using Seaguar Flu­o­ro­car­bon instead of buy­ing mon­do expen­sive tippet. 

At its thinnest, its close to being 4.5x tip­pet which i’ve used mul­ti­ple times and it works quite well. Its not 6x or 7x (although I wish they made thin­ner diam­etes) but for the waters around here, it seems to work quite well. At about 20$ for 130 meters it’s hands down beats any guide-tip­pet i’ve come across for price and workss quite well for even tiny flies.

Try Seaguar Fluorocarbon , I think youll quite like it.

Ps as an aisde, I store it on my tippet spool and use one of my wife’s scrunchies to hold the tippet in place.